Lakes & Watersports

Lac de Morimond

Close to an old abbey you can find the Lac de Morimond, where you can enjoy a sunny day by the water. You can swim, take a boat trip, go fishing and you can even search for edible mushrooms. Apart from all the activities, you can of course also just relax near the water and enjoy a nice picknick. You can also find a small restaurant by the lake, where you can enjoy a nice lunch or dinner by the water.

Lac de la Liez

When you prefer a little more cosy crowds, you can go to the nice sandy beach of Lac de la Liez. Here you can enjoy a refreshing swim, you can take a sailing or windsurfing lesson or exercise on a water cycle. There are different restaurants at the lake where you can enjoy a nice meal or drink. There are also various walking routes around the lake and if you like a little more culture and history, we can recommend a visit to the old town of Langres.

Swimming pool Blondefontaine

Apart from different lakes there is also a nice outside-pool in the small village Blondefontaine, just five minutes from Melay. An ideal place to go to with small children, because there is a life guard present. You can just go and relax on your sunbed in the grass, while the children are playing in the water. Recommendation: you can combine you day of water-fun with a visit to the fruit- and vegetable garden in Barges, where you can pick your own fruit and vegetables. A lot of these artisanal grown products are the same you can find in our dishes.